Planters Lodge

Hotel Description

Planter's Lodge and Spa is a 44 bedroom family owned boutique hotel in Takoradi set in over seven acres of lush green vegetation. The British Air Force built what is now known as Planter's Lodge & Spa for their flying officers in 1934 in Takoradi, in the Western Region of Ghana. It was later sold to a British company who used it as a hotel.Takoradi was the only harbour at that time in Ghana and British Overseas Airways Corporation had just a few flights from the capital, Accra, so almost anyone who travelled outside Ghana came to Takoradi to take the Elder Dempster vessels to Europe.A lot of people, children going to school, local business men and expatriates going on leave all stayed at the hotel and to this day, people still come to the hotel and reminisce about their journey by sea.